$Chainlist.finance Partners with SolidProof to Audit the Smart Contract

We are glad to announce to the whole Community, our partnership with SolidProof to audit the $Chainlist smart contract, the audit report is attached after fundamental protection and assessment on their official github directory, here is the link.

What is smart contract audit?

A smart contract audit is an extensive methodical examination and analysis of a smart contract’s code that is used to interact with a cryptocurrency or blockchain. This process is conducted to discover errors, issues and security vulnerabilities in the code in order to suggest improvements and ways to fix them. Generally, smart contract audits are necessary, because most of the contracts deal with financial assets and/or valuable items.

SolidProof assess whether there are possible security errors in the $CLIST contract, and if there are any errors in the contracts report is attach, they have described in a report that which issues critical, medium and low risk, Solidproof external audit give a chance us to improve the security of investments of the whole community in upcoming presale of chainlist.

Final Results About Audit Report

About SolidProof:

Solid Proof was founded as a community-driven company, and they want to thank our community for being so supportive! Solidproof is Security Audits, DeFi Trust Made in Germany.

Solidproof Socialmedia
🔹Group: https://t.me/solidproof
🔹Twitter: https://twitter.com/solidproof_io
🔹Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/solidproof.io

About Chainlist.finance

Chainlist.finance is a one-stop marketplace for social media users to monetize their personal content that includes images, GIF, videos and music. Users can turn their viral content into NFTs and sell for fortune including the 5% royalty on each trade. Chain List NFT bridge users will be able to access multiple blockchains through cross chain interoperability feature. In addition, users will be able to make transactions on different blockchains with a single wallet through Chainlist NFT bridge.

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The inspiration behind this project was taken with due consideration towards creating a passive income option for a large community present on social media app